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January 3rd Virtual Kick Off

12:27 PM - 1. Understanding Disruptive Weather

From downpours to droughts, El Niño to La Niña, Andrew discusses weather patterns around the globe, and Ontario to help you make the best management decisions possible.

Andrew Pritchard, Nutrien Ag Solutions

1:37 PM - 2. Fertilizer Realities: Before the Field

Growers need their fertilizer "today" and expect fertilizer suppliers to deliver. From capacity to logistics, Casper covers the realities and challenges of making this happen.

Casper Kaastra - Sollio Agriculture

2:47 PM - 3. Taking Control of Sustainability

Recipient of the first ever Sustainability Award in the UK, Colin walks us through how he makes sustainability work on his farm, for himself and for the public.

Colin Chappell – Gander Farm, UK

3:47 PM - 4. Tackling Waterhemp and More

Strategies that work to manage resistant waterhemp and other tough-to-control weeds, from experts with experience!

Richard Anderson, BASF; Ryan Benjamins, Benjamins Agronomy Services; Johanna Lindeboom, Clark Agri Service; Lauren Benoit, Bayer CropScience; Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA [Moderator]

ON DEMAND Session Details (access starts at 9:00 AM)

5. Cover Crop Craftsmen

Check out these very cool and innovative equipment modifications growers have developed to maximize the benefit they get from cover crops.

Josh & Will Whitwell; Adam & Jordan Rose; Ken Bokor; Chuck Baresich; Thomas Farrell; Nick Stokman; Jake Munroe, OMAFRA [Moderator]

6. The PGR Puzzle

From timing to varietal sensitivities, Dave and Josh discuss the when, where and how of using PGRs in the wheat crop.

Dr. Dave Hooker, UGRC; Dr. Joshua Nasielski, UG

7. Terrific Timothy

Timothy adds to the rotation and to the bottom line on Brett's cash crop farm.

Brett Fleming, Pioneer Hay Sales

8. The Rotation Advantage

Amélie digs into the latest discoveries from multiple rotation studies across North America and shows growers in Ontario how to apply these findings.

Dr. Amélie Gaudin, UC Davis; Peter Johnson, RealAgriculture [Moderator]

9. Crop Pests in a Changing Climate

Tracey discusses how climate change will impact key field crop pests and how we will need to adapt our management strategies.

Tracey Baute, OMAFRA

10. More Ways to Whack Weeds

Enhance control of tough weeds using the "other tools" in the weed management toolbox – cover crops, tillage, timing and more!

Dr. Chris Proctor, UNL; Dr. Francois Tardif, UG; Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA [Moderator].

11. The Corn Rootworm Challenge

The latest updates on managing resistant corn rootworm.

Dr. Jocelyn Smith, UGRC

12. If You Build It, Will They Come?

Recruiting pollinators, natural enemies and beneficial insects in agriculture, and how to get the most out of them.

Dr. Jason Gibbs, UM; Kevin Howe, Aylmer

13. Right Sizing the Farm

A conversation – 3 farmers discuss their perspectives on "right" sizing the farm.

Mark Comley, Ancaster; Mark Burnham, Cobourg; Norm Lamothe, Cavan; Ian McDonald, OMAFRA [Moderator]

14. Highlights from Agritechnica

The largest farm machinery show brings innovation beyond your dreams. Learn what excited these growers who attended.

Farmer Panel; Ian McDonald, OMAFRA [Moderator]

15. Swing Beam Barns of Ontario

Hugh takes a step back in time, covering all the amazing facts of our history with barns.

Hugh Fraser, OTB Farm Solutions

16. DIY Equipment Upgrades 2.0

From duct tape to CNC precision, the ingenuity of these farmers is amazing!

Dave Bowman, Stayner; Josh Boersen,Stratford; Peter Harvey, Cookstown; Ken Lawton, Kent Bridge; Tony Zwambag, Crediton

17. The Road to Recovery

The Stress is real; the tipping point may not be far off. Three Oaks Cabin is one offer of respite and recovery.

Diane & Al Bergsma, Three Oaks Cabin

18. Understanding My Signal

What goes wrong & BMPs to enhance reliability from a team of precision ag specialists.

Dr. John Sulik, UG; Steve Reynolds, Huron Tractor; Tim DeWeerd, Stratford Farm Equipment; Boyet Norte, Ag Leader; Danny Jefferies, OMAFRA

19. Irrigation: Is it for Grain Crops?

A look at systems, costs, logistics, soils & practicality for grain crops. An MSU Engineer and two farmers with irrigation will discuss.

Lyndon Kelley, MSU; Jason Robinson, Delhi; Kees Hogendoorn, St. Agatha; Ian McDonald [Moderator]

20. Nutrient Uptake in Wheat

Our latest research! Nutrient uptake curves that will help you manage your wheat fertility better than ever.

Dr. Joshua Nasielski, UG; Peter Johnson, RealAgriculture

Reviewed 10/28/2023

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